Slowly Known

In the palm of your hand I place my cheek to be cupped
to lean gently on that warmth that I need so badly,
only to find the skin rough
the shape unfitting
and the weight I need to unburden
slips me from the holding.
Your hand an abrasive release that leaves skin exposed
to the cold air of a realisation
that you are a winter I cannot weather,
harsh winds whip my face
from the about turn you do now and then,
that shows me a cliffside for my waves to crash against.
Like the shouting I heave from my heart
I try to wake you up
try to make up
for the fact that it doesn’t matter
what need I hold within these bones.

Because it won’t be sticks and stones
it won’t be words,
it will either be the absence of that hand
on my cheek gently resting,
or it will be my own hand holding my own face
because I cannot trust the
weight of my world
on anyone else



5 thoughts on “Slowly Known

  1. Lovely and thought provoking…how long did it take to put together?? I like to write little quotes and just wondered. thank you

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