Hang On

I hang around your neck
A fleshy reminder of my being there
Not an elsewhere you can move from
When the weight of me is too much
When the feel of my skin
On yours
Begins to itch a sweat from you
A place to steal away from
And all you want is cool air
To navigate those shoulders of yours
Like a lovers hand
Trailing its desires over bone turned flesh
In a motion to infer more to come
I can feel you shrink away from me
As I let my gravity take place
On something I thought would support me
A strength of character more than form
That I try to ignore
Is lacking in sincerity these days
And I can feel the way your breath
Plays at hiding the sigh that escapes
When I say baby cum for me
With a voice I no longer have
The confidence in to say what I really feel
Which is that I am losing my grasp on us
Losing the feeling of recognition
When I hold you, so rarely now,
And wait for lips that retreat
Behind words tinged with excuses
Tinged with a lack of desire to bother
To pretend you want it anymore.

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