Finding The Middle

I want to find the middle again

the mundane the stable

from this life that enables

all the “freedom” finance can bind you

to the “luxuries” that can blind you to

a wasted youth and selfie nation

of future payback from spending inclination

a time of now, immediate, of want

living like a pauper

but advertising yourself like a fucking debutant

a taunt online of everything’s fine

but numbing yourself with what’s fashionable

and ruin a beautiful mind.

Bring me back to the centre

where all that I enter

onto Facebook is normality

rather than this “look at me” insanity

where we talked about a plan

not splashed it all over Instagram

where the future was a dream

and things were as it seemed.

Take down your update

release yourself of pictures of everything you ate

the restaurant critic

who doesn’t know dick

but likes to ignore realities with filtered boomeranged banalities.
But what’s in a like?

are you afraid that when you die

there’ll be no record of you

no friends list or event group

is all you are just a series of blog blurts and hashtags?

of saying on screen opinions

without the face to face truth gags?

You scared that without binary

you’ll be a nothing

a never was,

rather than a something?

So I dunno

I’ll throw stones from this glass house

I don’t own

maybe I’m forgiving

this life everyone’s living

the pleasure principles the fake

the published fun and mistakes

to be part of this planet

this earth worn this granite

and maybe I’ll tell you  just what it is I need

nah, won’t have to you’ll see it posted on my Twitter feed.


11 thoughts on “Finding The Middle

  1. Life happens to be so! They say we should deal with it on our own.
    And you did a great job explaining the torment people go through
    whilst achieving some degree of normality!
    Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Remarkable, I really enjoyed the movement and drive in it. May I ask how long it took you to write it. I would imagine ages, particularly to get the rhyming.

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